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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Emma Watson’s People Tree Fall 2010 Collection


What I like for is that she doesn’t take everything for granted. She understands that she has to pay back. And she does. Even now when her new collection for People Tree fashion line has been launched she doesn’t want to enjoy resting on her laurels. Instead, she goes to Bangladesh to visit those people who produce the clothing she promotes.
emma watson people tree collection fall 2010
doesn’t say she designed People Tree Fall 2010 collection. She participated in choosing the Fair Trade textiles used including cable knits and the first Fair Trade hand-woven brushed check. And now she does her best to make the range popular with customers. With this purpose in mind Emma posed for a number of photos for People Tree Ad Campaign.
emma watson people tree collection fall 2010 promotion
Harry Potter star looks pretty and stylish wearing pieces from the Fall 2010 collection for her People Tree line. The little black dress is cute and the white super-warm cardigan is nice to look at.
What do you think about the collection?

she even turns ME on

Little Black Dresses

Haha yay for LBD!

Pleasant news for us, fashionistas! abbreviation has been included into the latest edition of Oxford English Dictionary. , that means , has been known and used for long in the fashion incdustry and now it has become official for everyone else in the world.

for those of you who dont know.




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